An old jewel.

Among the narrow streets of Genoa’s old city center stands Antica Barberia Giacalone, a magical place where an age-old pleasure can still be experienced: the perfect shave. Recently renovated thanks to Proraso and the Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano – Italy’s National Trust, which owns the property, the old barbershop has been restored to its former glory, with all the splendor of the Belle Époque in perfect Art Decò style that makes it unique and unparalleled.
As soon as you cross the threshold, light and shade play hide and seek via antique drop chandeliers and voluptuous mirrors that catch the eye. Multicolored stained glass in emerald green and cobalt blue, with golden highlights, complete the show, while sparkling Byzantine-inspired details fit perfectly with the ceramic walls.
Here, shaving goes back to being a moment of pure pleasure, a ritual of wellness and style that is destined for the future thanks to its glorious past.