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A symbol of Italianness which
has been conquering the world
for 70 years.

Proraso is not only a great brand, since 1948 it has been growing together with Italians, and its excellence has changed the habit of beard shaving.

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In the company founded in 1908 by his father Ludovico, Piero Martelli invented the Pre-Shave Cream: efficient and modern, it was first adopted by barbers, who immediately appreciated its professionalism, then by an ever growing number of Italians. It became an icon, witness to the principle inspiring the company and its mission: the choice of proposing professional quality products for a pleasant and impeccable shave, at the barber’s or at home.

Over the years, Proraso’s laboratories have given birth to timeless classics which embrace the present and look to the future: a complete shaving system, made of highly specialised items, professional service, highly developed formulas and natural ingredients.


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Today, the company is run by the fourth generation, and its mission is always the same: to make emblematic and highly specialised products for beard shaving and care. The perfect match between past and future, between the classic tradition and innovation, but also communication, protection of an art, of its techniques and of the people who practise it.

Timeless classics

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Proraso today is also a complete line
for beard and moustache care.

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