Discover the most advanced beard
shaving and care products.

Proraso dedicates products for shaving and caring for long beards to all enthusiasts. The most complete and innovative range, developed to satisfy every need, since 1948 under the banner of specialisation and quality.


Proraso guarantees the top during the preparatory phase, with its unrivalled Pre-Shave cream; in shaving, with its professional-level Soaps and Foams; in protection with Lotions and Balsams which confer well being and pleasure to the skin.

Beard and moustache care

From cleansing to moisturising, from nourishing to protecting, from styling to perfuming. Proraso offers a complete method for beard and moustache care, designed for the most specific needs of those who want to take care of themselves.


A path across seven decades as
a symbol of Italianness in the world.

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